Directing "The November Conspiracy"

CONRAD JANIS, a child star, an accomplished musician, a co-owner of the famous Sidney Janis Art Gallery in New York, faced many challenges and chased many adventures throughout his life, but none were so great or least expected as the task of directing his first feature film “The November Conspiracy”. Perhaps in retrospect, all the above traveled roads were but detours on his route to directing. On the Broadway stage Conrad was both a participant and avid student, and his talents were nurtured by the directing giants of their day -Moss Hart, George S. Kaufman, George Abbott, Garson Kanin, Henry King, and over the past few years such extraordinary film directors as Garry Marshall, Joel Schumacher, Gene Saks, Mel Frank and Walter Hill to name a few, all contributed to Conrad’s storehouse of knowledge. To further his arsenal of information, he became while in his teens, a professional photographer, then, for years, as the co-owner of the Sidney Janis Gallery, he carefully observed and cultivated the 20th century legends of the art world, thus learning about composition, style and spatial expression.

In addition, at 17 he started playing jazz, and for years he has been a world renowned and respected Band Leader which added to his ease on the set of “The November Conspiracy” as he was already used to taking command on stage.

Still he faced a monumental task. After searching for months for the right director, and with only five weeks before production, both he and his wife, writer-producer Maria Grimm, knew instinctively that no one could do justice to their first effort with the same depth of commitment. Thus as in all his other ventures, Conrad Janis stepped into his Director’s shoes, and fit them to a tee!

Conrad Directing a scene in SNAFU

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