The Front Page


After having starred in the Front Page (written by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur), with Robert Ryan, Helen Hayes, Bert Convy and an all star cast for over a year on Broadway, Conrad Janis was asked to make a special appearance for the opening night of the Shady Grove Music Fair, in March of 1970.


"The Front Page has settled at The Shady Grove after a lengthy engagement on Broadway…(and) is still as bright and snappy as it was in New York. (It) is one of those well-crafted comedies of the 20s that blithely used casts of 20 and 30…(and) one of its appealing aspects is its host of colorful creatures...[including] Bert Convy, who has a bundle of energy and a keen sense of purpose), Robert Alda fares well as his boss. Of the newsmen, Conrad Janis (guest starring on opening night), was my favorite as a low-keyed reporter who’d rather plunk away at his banjo.
In these days of computerized journalism and unruffled television scribes, it’s refreshing to meet up again with old friends--- those shrewd, sarcastic, card-playing, double-dealing toughies, who used to chase after fire engines and escaped cons for that Front Page Headline.”

David Richards, Critic-at-Large of WGMS-FM

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