This Joint Is Jumpin'

Conrad Janis - Leader/Trombone & Vocals
Jack Lemmon, Dudley Moore, Bea Arthur, Jackie Cooper, Pat McCormick and Chris Lemmon - Special Guest Stars
Paul Humphrey - Drums
Arnold Ross - Piano
Sheldon Keller - Bass & Vocals
Mike Silverman - Trumpet & Vocals
Joe Ashworth - Clarinet/Soprano Sax/Vocals
Monte Budwig - Bass
Plas Johnson - Tenor Sax

Featuring: Rose Weaver & Janet Carroll / Vocals
Sidney Gould - Harmonica

Produced by: Maria Janis & Conrad Janis
and Miracon Pictures

Musical Arrangements by: Conrad Janis

Los Angeles Times

"Conrad Janis' Dixeland with a difference" - "...though Conrad Janis has had a long and flourising career as a Stage, Screen, and Television actor, it's when he blows his traditional-style Jazz trombone that his artistic spirit truly soars." "A Beverly Hills Jazz Band performance is nothing if not rambunctious."

Zan Stewart

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